Monday, 4 June 2012

Torrid Tug-of-War

Erotic Instructions:
Have him sit cross-legged on the floor or the bed before you straddle him. Lower yourself onto his penis and wrap your legs around his back. As you’re sitting face-to-face, grab each other’s elbows and lean back against the other person’s weight — like a coy tug-of-war game. If you’re limber enough, you might be able to tilt your head far enough back to rest it on the floor. Try to keep as still as possible, concentrating on you and your man’s bodily connection.
Carnal Challenge
Why You'll Love It:
This position is the perfect way to up the intimacy of any sexual encounter. Incorporate it for just a minute to meet mentally with one another. It’s a calming connection and a great way to build momentum for the rest of the ride.
For this pose to work, you’ll both need to keep your below-the-belt regions extra-meshed. If you feel yourselves slipping, use your arms to pull closer and maintain that all-important carnal connection. Do it right and this is one erotic game you’ll both win.

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